Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

Who we are

Gather: While a predominantly Asian American fellowship, Cornerstone aims to create an organization that allows Purdue students to grow in their faith. Our focus is to spread the word of Jesus Christ in manners that are respectful to those on campus. We are a family that aims to foster Christ-centered relationships with others.

Equip: We want to equip/disciple students properly with knowledge on what they believe in and also skills that will aid them in proclaiming their faith on campus and in life after college. Not only is biblical knowledge important, but Cornerstone is driven to facilitate an environment where students can foster a personal relationship with God.

Awake: We want to ignite the hearts of our college ministry in order for our congregation to awaken the hearts of others. We aim to provide a foundation of belief that once our college careers are over, we are confident that our fellowship can go beyond and reach through to other people.


Sunday Worship Services

  • When: Sunday 1:15 pm

  • Where: Cornerstone Chapel, Korean Presbyterian Church of Purdue

  • Address: 4505 IN-26, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Friday Fellowship & Small Group Meetings

  • When: Friday 7:00 pm

  • Where: PHYS RM112 at 7pm, Purdue University West Lafayette Campus

Student Servant Teams

Rebecca Kim (Rkim7987 at gmail dot com)

  • Role: Administration Team Coordinator

  • Studying: Animation

Adrian Tsang (tsang120898 at gmail dot com)

  • Role: Praise Team Coordinator

  • Studying: Kinesiology

Matthew Bae (matthewbae99 at gmail dot com)

  • Role: Small Group Team Coordinator

  • Studying: Corporate Communication


Seokcheon Lee (lee46 at purdue dot edu)

  • Associate Professor (Industrial Engineering)

Eunsuk Han (hansilvers at gmail dot com)

  • Teacher, Montessri school of Greater Lafayette

Jiyeon Lee (jycrayon at gmail dot com)

  • Associate Professor (Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences)


If you want to know more about us or stay connected, feel free to contact at